Duterte to narco politics: "Mas mauuna kayo sa mga civilian, if you resist to arrest"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday warned all those narco-politicians that if ever they will refuse to surrender they will be killed by the authorities.

“Nandiyan kayo sa gobyerno, sundalo pati pulis, mayor, ah mauna kayo. Mas mauuna kayo sa mga civilian,” Duterte said in his interview in PTV4.

“You’re using your position in government to enhance your pocket at the expense of the Filipino. Kalokohan ‘yan,” he added.

Duterte said that it is easy to forgive if they are just involved in other illegal activities like smuggling.
“Eh kung ibang negsoyo ‘yan siguro, smuggling smuggling crate for crate, I will forgive you pero in the wake of what you have done [illegal drugs], you have destroyed so many lives and you put in peril everybody because there are now more than 500,000 na nag-surrender,” he said.

“He has given due and ample notice that the clear and present danger of drugs engulfing the nation will be addressed and law enforcers will neutralize those who resist or endanger the lives of arresting officers,” Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella explaining that the government was just maintaining and protecting peace and order in the nation.

As to the latest tally, a sum of 5,418 suspects have been captured and 565,806 others have turned themselves into powers. 

According to the PNP, it has directed 223, 847 house appearances and actualized 427 search warrant already.

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