Duterte to ban ‘Made in China’ weapons in PH military

China tried to sabotage the Philippines last December 2014 when they provided a total number of 27,000 high-powered assault rifles for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). These rifles are worth P1.9 Billion equivalent to Php38, 402.13 each, according to our President these rifles from China are ineffective and useless since it has vibrations that made inaccurate in shooting range.

President Duterte said that he will personally handle the purchasing of the weapons to ensure that there would be no any sabotage.

"Noon nagbili tayo made in China, sinadya man yan ng mga tonto rin doon na yung ripple nay an pahiwi na. tingnan mo yung barrel and ripple siguro dalwa lang. eh di paglabas ng bala niyan gumaganon yan. Eh sabotahe yan e"- President Duterte said

This is one of the greatest decisions made by President Duterte to no longer trust China since it has been proven that they are not long-lasting products.

“Pakialaman ko kung magbili tayo dahil kailangan, hindi ‘yung made in ano [China] — ewan ko kung — tapos palaaway pa,” said Duterte.

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