Duterte admits rejecting the money offer of Lucio Tan, Andrew Tan

The two business tycoons Andrew Tan and Lucio Tan are the well-known owner of companies like Megaworld Corporation and other business ventures such as property development, tobacco, banking and beverages.

President Rodrigo Duterte admittedly said that they offered him a large amount of money during the time he was struggling to raise funds for his national campaign. 

Previously, Duterte already cited that he did not take any money from mining companies and business tycoons.

During theParish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) on Wednesday, he recalls again that Lucio Tan offered him a campaign money but he declined it.
"Right from the start I said that if I get to be a candidate this year, hindi ako tumatangap and I’d tell you, Megaworld si Lucio Tan, I refused their contribution'" Duterte said.

Duterte has wide supporters all over the Philippines who helped him during his campaign to raise funds, especially the people of Davao city.

"All the way ang nagtulong sa akin yung mga taga-Davao lang din na may pera. But kung sabihin mo na ditto mga contributions wala, wala ako,"He said.

President Duterte already revealed that Lucia Tan offered money during the campaign season but this is the first time he mentioned that Andrew Tan made the same move.

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