Duterte Admin Proposed P3.3T Budget for Next year

Yesterday, the current admin presented to the House of Representatives its first full year national budget: P3.35 trillion for 2017, and has human resources and social development as the most prioritized sectors.
The national budget was turned over by Budget Secretary Benjamin E. Diokno to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, who quickly ordered the House Committee on Appropriations to start the budget process in the legislative department. The budget hearings are set to start next Monday.

The human empowerment sectors which include Departments of Social Welfare, Education, Labor and Employment, and Health will get 40 percent of the total budget. On the other hand, economic services get 27.6 percent.

“We have proposed that P355.7 billion of the budget for infrastructure be spent for fixing and building road networks, seaports, systems, and airport system. The infrastructure outlays in 2017 is equivalent to 5.4 percent of the GDP,” explained Diokno.

Among the government agencies that received increased budget are:

1. Department of Education (DepEd) – P570.4 billion from P411.9 billion this year.

2. Philippine National Police (PNP) – P110.4 billion from P88 billion this year.3. Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – P458 billion from P384.2 this year.

4. Department of Local and Interior Government (DILG) – P150 billion from P124.2 this year.

5. Department of National Defense (DND) – P134 billion from P117.5 billion this year.

6. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) – P129 billion from P110 billion this year.

The proposed budget is 11.6 percent higher than the 2016 budget and represents 21 percent of the projected 2017 gross domestic product (GDP).

The Office of the President budget has a substantial increase from this year’s budget. From P2.8 billion this year to P20 billion for 2017.

Vice President Leni Robredo’s office got a lower allocation, however, from this year’s P503 million – half of which was shared with her predecessor Jejomar Binay who stepped down last June 30 – to P433 million next year.

The total of lump sum items under the Special Purpose Funds (SPF) increased from 1.28 trillion in 2016 to 1.3 trillion for 2017.

Under the Special Purpose Funds (SPF) are:
1. The Budgetary Support to Government Corporations (P148 billion)

2. Allocation to Local Government Units (P554 billion)

3. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (P37 billion)

4. Contingent Fund (P5.5 billion from P2.5 billion in 2016)

5. Miscellaneous Personnel and Benefits Fund (P96 billion)

6. Pension and Gratuity Fund (P142 billion)

7. Customs duties and taxes, including tax expenditure (P19 billion)

8. Debt Interest Payments (P334 billion)

Here are the top 10 sectors or agencies in terms of budgetary allocations:
1. DepEd, P567.5 billion

2. DPWH, P458.6 billion

3. DILG, P150 billion

4. Defense, P134.5 billion

5. DSWD, P129.9 billion

6. Health, P94 billion

7. SUCs, P58.8 billion

8. DOTr, P55.4 billion

9. Agriculture, P45.2 billion

10. ARMM, P41.7 billion
The congress, meanwhile, will be allocated P14.12 billion and the judiciary P32.5 billion.Diokno also insisted that “there is no PDAF in this budget, let’s put it that way.”

Source: Manila Bulletin, Philstar

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