Director Castaneda: There is no doubt that the Aquino administration was fully aware of the existence of narco-politics

Movie director Manny Castaneda posted on facebook, Monday, August 8, his thoughts about how the Aquino Administration disregarded their awareness in illegal drugs and corruption.

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When the narco-list was presented to media, Delima immediately accuses Pres. Duterte of witch-hunt. Drilon demands adherence to the rule of law. Even the dwindling yellow army questions the veracity of the list.

Instead of being jubilant, it was noticeable that the yellow personalities became suspiciously defensive. Everything was done to discredit the list and to make it look irrelevant and useless. All concerted efforts seem very suspicious indeed. There must be a more substantial reason for this tirade other than just sheer dislike for Pres. Duterte as a political adversary. The noose is getting tight maybe?

There is no doubt that the Aquino administration was fully aware of the existence of narco-politics. All salient information was at their fingertip. It is therefore no surprise that Mar Roxas was able to provide explicit data of the drug menace in Davao to debunk Duterte’s assertion that illegal drug trade in Davao has been placed under control.

Ironically, despite all the vital information in their possession, they did nothing to arrest the problem. It seems that they ignored it and looked the other way like it never existed. Consequently, they allowed the illegal activity to proliferate virtually unhampered.

It is quite logical that when one allows something to happen or to continue operate, it can only mean you condone it. In this case, it is defined as protectionism.

It is common knowledge that there is a lot of money to be had in this illegal trade, a whole lot of drug money … by the billions! With all the circumstances mentioned, I cannot help but conclude that the Aquino administration was a recipient of drug-money. It is only this motive that can explain their behavior. If this is true… the Aquino administration has a very thick blood on their hands, blood of victims who died and lives destroyed due to illegal drugs. This is more deplorable than stealing from the coffers of the government.

May the good Lord bless their souls.

(Speaking of God, I am open to the possibility that priests and bishops receive drug money in a form of donations. If they can do it with jueteng, they can do it with drugs as well.)

Source: Facebook

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