DILG Sueno: More names to be revealed soon, including governors,congressmen,barangays captains involved in drugs

DILG Secretary Ismael "Mike" Sueno on Sunday said that there were more names in the list of President Rodrigo Duterte. 

According to Sueno, Duterte will announce soon the names of governors, congressmen, barangays captain and local officials in Metro Manila allegedly linked to illegal drug trade. 

The MalacaƱang also confirmed it.

"I'm sure more will be coming kasi hindi pa kumpleto 'yan," Sueno said.

Sueno said that the names read by President Duterte were validated before announcing it.

He also expressed his frustration with the officials involved in durgs especially in Mindanao, he said "Very big ang disappointment sa kanila, lalo na sa Mindanao."

Furthermore, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said more names have been revalidating if those politicians and lawmen really involved in the drug syndicate.

Andanar said it would be the second big wave with the new list of names.

"Pero base po sa kanyang sinabi kagabi ay meron pang ibang mga pangalan na kinu-confirm pa at tsini-check, niri-revalidate kung talagang itong mga politiko na ito ay sangkot sa pagbebenta ng droga," Andanar said.
According to Duterte, he already cleared it that the 159 names he read out were verified and validated by the police and military. 

"I could be wrong. I could be wrong pero pag ito kasi, it has undergone a process so pag may mistake, if the military and the police dito, ako yung tagasalo," he said. "I ordered the listing. I ordered the validation. I am the one reading it. I am the sole person responsible."

The named in the list are now facing administrative charges and suspension.

Meanwhile, Sueno said in his interview in GMA that these officials involved in drugs, their permits in carrying guns will be canceled and he said that they might have the connection to the killings because mostly it were related to illegal drugs.

"Several killings na nangyari are related din sa drugs...maski itong kidnap for ransom, mga iba pang criminalities naili-link din ito sa operations sa drugs," Sueno said.

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