BOC chief named Mocha Uson as Customs consultant

Singer and dancer Mocha Uson, President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters, has been tapped as “social media consultant” at the Bureau of Customs, Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon said Thursday.

Faeldon, a former military rebel, is implementing sweeping reforms in an agency tagged by Duterte as among the most corrupt in the bureaucracy. The BoC is responsible for a fifth of total government revenue.

“She will be the social media consultant,” Faeldon said in his interview in ABS-CBN, when asked to confirm reports Uson would be appointed to the agency.

Mocha Uson called President Duterte's supporters as “Mga ka-DDS” or “Die-Hard Duterte Supporters.” Sha has a million followers on her Facebook page

UPDATE: But according to Bureau of Customs twitter they denied that Mocha Uson is the new appointee on BOC. 

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