Watch: Duterte “Make Face” After shaking hands with De Lima

President Rodrigo Duterte shows that he is not a man who sowing resentment to his critics.

Senator Leila De Lima was shocked after President Duterte greets her during the State of the Nation Address on July 25,2016.

Netizens laud President Duterte for showing humbleness in his political enemies.

“He is really a humble man, he is not showing any hatred to his political enemies, not like the past administration who are busy pursuing all of their political enemies,” One of the Netizen said to our source.

But the supporters of Rody Duterte warns De Lima that the shake hands of the President maybe a warning to the Senator.

Political allies of Rodrigo Duterte plans to investigate the alleged negligence of the Senator when she was the Justice Secretary during Ex-President Benigno Aquino’s term.

One of the funniest moment is when President Duterte caught on camera making face after shaking hands with Senator Leila de Lima.

Watch the video below:

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