Viral: Online petition to de Lima, 'remove Laila De Lima as senator of Republic of the Philippines'

A petition letter was made by to impeach Senator Leila de Lima in the congress. Joshua Jireh Cinco started the petition about two days ago and now, there were 5,865 and counting supporters.

The petition letter was circulating online and shared by a thousands of netizens, who wants to impeach de Lima in her positions.

De Lima was facing different issues and allegedly linked as a protectors of the drug lords. Recently, a controversial photo was uploaded. A photo showed de Lima together with Ozamis City Mayor Parojinog and his daughter, Nova Princess Parojinog. Which also accused in the involvement of illegal drug trade.

See the petition letter below. Also visit to start a petition.

Remove Laila De Lima as senator of Republic of the Philippines

Everyone expects for change and this change cannot be true or fulfill if LAILA DE LIMA still standing as the senador of this country holding the committee on justice. Philippines is experiencing crime. in order to surpass crise death penalty must be impost. as the new administration come fort to change the community many druglords surrender and some who choose fight fort died and thus this Laila De Lima choan to be protector of these criminals though she stand firm to those who die with muchfull crime than those who die as a victim. now Filipinos we hire for change, in order to manifest change we must do our part to bring change. i urge to to sign this campaign againts Laila De Lima urging congress to file empeachment and totally, be liable for what she done.

De Lima received many harsh criticism by the netizens. Read some of their reactions:

Elsa Dayap Wojenka Delima you are not capable to work as a senator apparently, since you were formerly secretary justice you've done nothing about drugs and you allowed shabu cooked in the prison. You are useles you just only recieved the wages from the government and of course from the drug lords as well. Hwag kana magpakitang gilas babae ka panay contradict ka sa mga plano ng presidente what the hell are you...?

Centhia Ceballos de lima is pain in the ass... de lima why you not run for president last election??? if you win as president ohh well everyday you have a big party and all your angels will sorround by you!!!! the drug lords and etc... bullshiiittttt you de lima...

Noel Campo Sus maria joseph noong panahon mo di ka nag inbistiga ng mabuti anim na taon kang naging kalihim di mo nalutas ang malalang druga sa pilipinas ngayon naging senador ka saka ka nagpapakitang gilas magdasal ka na lng para sa kaligtasan ng pangulo at ipagdasal mo na magkaroon ng kapayapaan ang mindanao

Merry Rose Obrero
Yeah...kick her out in the senate...we dont need her..we dont need a protector of the criminals..she is just only a protector of rich people but never been a protector of the poor people..that is why justice is not fair..justice was never been a justice..justice was only meant for the rich people..kaya dapat lang paalisin kana sa senado delima..I donno bakit ikaw pinalit ky Corona...

Marife Quintana Hernandez Shut up De Lima, you're just after the rights of those criminals, you're protecting them without even thinking about the lives wasted/ ruined by drugs, those killed by drug addicts!!! Just shut up when you cannot do anything good for this country, for the people!

I would love to really see you behind bars, i strongly believed you are one of the protectors of those big time druglords!!!...Shame on you!!!

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