USAFFE parades 17 coffins to protest against Duterte--WATCH VIDEO

The USA Freedom Fighters of the East (USAFFE), an anti- communist group headed by its originator, a legal advisor, Elly Pamatong organized a hostile to Duterte dissent against the initiation of the sixteenth President. 

Pamatong posted a video. It was a parade attended by USAFFE fighters, supporters conveying pennants communicating their resistance against Duterte administration. The highlight of the event was the 17 coffins connoting their rebellion of President Duterte. 

Pamatong documented his authentication of nomination to keep running for President in the late decision. However, the Commission on Election (COMELEC) considered him as an aggravation applicant. Be that as it may, as indicated by him, he will take pledge in Cagayan de Oro as the President of the Philippines after the memorial service march.

Pamatong established USAFFE in 2003. A gathering who battle against the New People's Army in Mindanao. 

Watch the full video below:

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