Senate bill wants to extend the maternity leave to 150 days

Senate wants to extend the maternity leave from 100 days to 150 days to ensure the safety of the mother and the newborn.
Recently, Senator Francis Pangilinan has filed a senate bill that lengthens the maternity leave.
“The current law is below the international labor standard on maternal protection that recommends 14 weeks or 98 days of maternity leave,” Pangilinan said.
In a Rappler report, the Philippines’ Social Security Law only grants mothers 60 days of leave for normal childbirth and 78 days for caesarean delivery. But citing Public Health Reports from 2011, Pangilinan said an increase in the length of paid maternity leave can reduce infant mortality by as much as 10%.

“Aside from the mother being able to rest and recover fully from childbirth, this proposed measure will also ensure that the newborn will be well cared for,” the senator said
The bill also allows for an additional 30-day maternity leave without pay as long as the employer is informed in writing

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