QC police official linked for recycling drugs killed in shootout with fellow cops

A police official, member of Quezon City Police District - District Anti-Illegal Drugs Unit (QCPD-DAID) was killed on Tuesday morning after a shootout.

According to the report, Sr. Insp. Ramon Castillo meet a police asset and bought five packs of shabu.

Somehow, Castillo sense that there's something wrong, so he immediately escapes. But then he was trapped at the Bulova Street, not knowingly the gate was closed. That's the time, Castillo and the authorities exchanged bullets.

The QCPD police recovered a shabu inside Castillo's vehicle. The shabu was worth of P1 million.

Castillo was found to be linked to drug recycling, that's why QCPD did a buy-bust operation.

QCPD Chief Sr. Supt. Guillermo Eleazar said they already gathered information with Castillo and they verified it according to the activities of the killed suspect.

“We are saddened by the untimely death of Castillo. We expected him to surrender peacefully just like what police officers in Station 6 did when they were entrapped, but he resisted,” Eleazar said.

"Sana lahat ng ating kapulisan ay tumalima. Dapat tayong lahat ay maging ehemplo,"Eleazar added.

Eleazar said there are other cops under reconnaissance, including that they are approving the data they have accumulated.

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