Propaganda to destroy President Duterte fires up

The publicity war against President Duterte's crusade against eradicating illegal drugs and culpability in the Philippines is getting intense. Thousands of drug users and peddlers already surrendered to the authorities.

Recently, Leila de Lima and Frank Drilon asked a Senate probe on the demise of a few persons connected to the medication exchange.

There's a photo now circulating online. A picture, which is apparently a screenshot of a news report from ABS-CBN, demonstrated the blood-splattered inside of an auto.

One individual is dead in the front traveler seat, and a kid is in the rearward sitting arrangement, secured in blood. The subtitle peruses "DUTERTE DEATH SQUAD NAKAPATAY NG INOSENTING PAMILYA SA PASAY CITY, TATLO PATAY AT ISA KIRITIKAL." 

In any case, while a few people might be tricked by the sharp presentation, some netizens immediately detected the indications that demonstrate the picture was altered. These incorporate the wrong text style utilized for the representation, the confounded ABS-CBN logos, and the Photoshop zoom symbol unmistakably noticeable on the picture.

Source: MindaNation

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