PNP Dela Rosa: 23 mayors involved in illegal drug trade

Philippine National Police chief Dir. Gen. Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa on Friday said in the interview that there are at least 23 mayors involved in illegal drug trade.

Dela said he's hoping that the mayors involved is ready for a battle because he's surely after them.

"Nakakalungkot na malaman natin na may mga mayor na involved. I hope na 'yung mga mayor na 'yun nag-aarmas nang husto [para] makipag-giyera sa 'tin," Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa did not named the mayors. He said let's wait for President Duterte revealed the names until he'll gather enough evidence against them.

"Marami nang nagte-text sa 'kin kahapon. [Sabi ko sa kanila,] you clear your name dun sa nag-announce, dun kay presidente, 'wag sa akin," he said.

On Thursday, Duterte already showed a chart of the drug lords and named the three Chinese named Peter Lim alias Jaguar, Wu Tuan alias Peter Co, and Herbert Colangco. Co and Colangco are jailed in New Bilibid Prison.

Duterte said once Lim returns in the Philippines he will die. "The moment he lands at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), he will die," he said.

Duterte said that the protectors of these three was Garbo.

"Most of them are in the national penitentiary. This would show to you how corrosive and how, maybe, lawak, the dimensions of our problems regarding drugs," Duterte said.

Duterte stted that there were many mayors and politicians involved, a police, Chinese, and a woman local executive.

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