Petty crimes in Divisoria and Binondo, reduce under Duterte admin

According to Manila Police District Station 11, the petty crimes such as theft and holdup robbery in Divisoria and Binondo has been declined.

It was recorded since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed the office two weeks ago.

Based on GMA report, before the anti- illegal drugs campaign of Duterte administration, it's used to have 5 petty crimes recorded.

Also, the police said even the heinous crimes like murder and homicide has been reduced.

Even in Metro Manila, specifically in Luneta Park, the Manila Police District (MPD) Station 5 said no more cases in snatching and hold-up since July 1.

The intensified campaign against illegal drugs is very helpful in eradicating crimes in the country.

PNP chief Dela Rosa earlier confirmed it the declined index crimes against illegal drugs.

'Pag nagpursige ka sa drugs, yung mga crimes on poverty bababa rin 'yan. Medyo humina na yung mga loob ng mga masasamang tao gumawa ng kalokohan dahil hindi na sila nagsa-shabu," Dela Rosa said.

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