PDEA chief confirms Cebuano businessman Peter Lim is a drug lord on PDEA’s ‘target list’

UPDATED 8/4/16

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director General Isidro Lapeña was convinced that Cebuano businessman Peter Lim is the same individual distinguished by President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the nation's top drug lords.

PDEA chief Lapeña said that the office has as of now submitted to President Duterte an upgraded rundown of persons involved in illegal drug trade.

Lapeña confirmed that Cebuano businessman Peter Lim was on the target list.

Also, he replied in positive when inquired as to whether Lim was the same individual recognized as an individual from a drug triad working in Visayas.

“Yes, he is,” chief Lapeña said in his interview in ABS-CBN.

“He is the one in our target list,” he added.

"Lim's name is included in the updated list of targeted individuals linked to drugs that was submitted to President Duterte. The list is a product of regular intelligence workshops where PDEA and the Philippine National Police validate information about drug suspects. Upon validation, they will be the subject of future negation operations," PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña said in his statement in GMA news.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) prior made a certainty discovering group to examine Lim's asserted contribution in unlawful medication exchange.

Lapeña said that they will put Lim in fact- finding probe  and they are still waiting for the result of the NBI because they still don't have a warrant to arrest him.

"PDEA is still waiting for the result of the NBI's investigation on Lim. Once evidence indicates that Lim is one of the top three drug lords operating in the country, then the NBI will file a case against him before the Department of Justice," he said.
Earlier, President Duterte and Businessman Peter Lim have met at the PDEA Region 11 office in Davao City.

Lim denied the allegation in his involvement in drug operations and said he's willing to help the government in fighting drugs.

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