Pangasinan town police chief jails drug addict brother

The chief of police of Magaldan, Pangasinan was not only arranged for his younger brother’s surrender but detained him as well to set the example that no one will be spared in his police station’s anti-illegal drugs operations.

P/Supt. Benjamin Ariola said his brother, Mamerto Ariola, 39 years old, of Barangay Malabago, was among the group of drug users and pushers who surrendered.

"'Ikulong mo sarili mo,' sabi ko. Pinosasan namin... 'Trabaho lang walang personalan.' Ang agreement between family members, no cases filed basta kwan na lang namin na magkapatid at saka mother ko," said Ariola.

Ariola said he knew his brother was using illegal drugs since 2015 and advised his brother many times to stop using drugs and to undergo rehabilitation.

When Ariola became the town police chief his brother still continued his vices and that's the time their family decided to detain his brother.

His brother was assisted by their mom, and had him locked up in station’s detention cell.

The police chief said he would prefer to see his brother inside the jail so he can monitor his rehabilitation. He added his brother may join the local government’s programs for those who surrendered, including physical fitness activities, community service immersion and providing them livelihood opportunities while in the process of detoxification.

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