P1.9-M worth of shabu seized from Leyte mayor's staff

On Thursday afternoon, Albuera mayor Rolando Espinosa's two bodyguards and his three employees were arrested in a buy-bust operation. The shabu recovered was worth of P1.9 million.

Four other suspects escaped and hide inside the house of mayor's son, the same compound where the mayor lives.

The buy-bust operation happened on Thursday at 5:30 pm in the tennis court near the compound of the mayor at Sitio Tinago, Barangay Benolho.

Albuera police chief Insp. Jove Espinido, Albuera police chief, said they had no authority to get into the house after it was locked.

“We want a fair fight. We don’t want martial law,” Espinido said.

According to Inquirer report, the suspects were 
Jessie Ocares, 34; and Marcelo Adorco, 40. These two were mayor's bodyguard. While, Jose Antipuesto, Jeffrey Pesquera and Ernesto Dumalat are his employees.

It was Antipuesto, who the police targeted during the operation because of the reports that he's selling drugs.

The police asset meet up with the suspects and bought P300 of shabu.

After declaring it was an operation, the police authorities was able to arrest the five suspects.

Ocares confiscated .45-caliber pistol and a pack of shabu weighing 84 grams. While Adorco has 121 grams of shabu and Antipuesto recovered no less than 14.8 grams of shabu.

Also, Dumalat has 3.7 grams shabu and Pesquera confiscated illegal drugs.

The five suspects were facing charges and detained in the Albuera police station.

Based on the reports, they still haven't no words from mayor Espinosa since he's on leave.

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