NAPOLCOM: probe on police generals involved in drug trade,done in 7days

In a press conference, National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) Commissioner Rogelio Casurao said that they were given a directive to investigate the involvement of five generals in illegal drug trade and to be finished it in just 7 days.

“We are estimating that we could complete the entire process in a month's time. We will come up with a very clear pronouncement by way of an en banc resolution to be signed by all commissioners,” Casurao said.

“We are assuring the public that the investigation to be conducted is going to be straight ahead investigation,” he added.

He additionally accentuated that the commission could never give the case a chance to drag as what Duterte also said, as doing as such may just aim suspicion that there are things being settled. 

“The president is very clear on this matter. Ayaw niya na that the investigation will drag on. We are never going into that situation,” he said.

Malacañang declined to unveil Duterte's premise in making such allegations, referring to the right to due process.

Casurao said there were bits of confirmation that drove Duterte to name the officers involved in protecting illegal drug syndicates.

He also said they terminated some police officers that involved in illegal drugs and for now, they are focusing on the three active generals.

“We have dismissed a lot of officers already who have been involved in very serious situations,” he said.

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