Mining violence in Homonhon Island | Watch the video

A netizen named Billy Abueme posted a video on Monday, showed the struggled they are facing in against the mining operators. What they did to the people of Eastern Samar was such a heartless act.

In the video, the people of Homonhon Island was trying to protect their homeland against the abusive mining company.

The video generated 1,410 shares and 32 thousand views. In Abueme post, he was asking help to the public to share the video. 

The captions read:
"MINING VIOLENCE IN HOMONHON ISLAND – The Violent Dispersal of the Human Barricade of HERO Members at Brgy. Canawayon, Homonhon Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar perpetrated by Mt. Sinai Exploration and Development Corporation (MSEDC).BINULDOS NA ,…PINAGBABARIL PA!Please help share para makaabot itong kahayupang dulot ng mina sa mga kinauukulan."

Abueme also wrote a letter for President Duterte. See below.

The video footage was actually happened 3 years ago. But the sad truth is that up until now the mining company is still operating. They ruined the coastline and the forest in Homonhon Island.

According to Earthniversity, for the past eight (8) years the miners burrowed black sand on the coastal area and load them to Chinese ships docked not far away from the shores. The black sand produces magnetite that produces steel. That sustains China’s telecom industries, and medical and audio equipment industries.

This is not the only rape of Homonhon’s natural resources that had been happening. The continued excavations for mining purposes had created irreparable damage to the health of the island’s land resources. The islanders seemed helpless because they are fighting a giant institution that had been against their welfare all along.

Environmental secretary Gina Lopez since the assumed 2 weeks ago and already closed five mining companies in Zambales. People of Samar also hoping their sentiment would also be heard.

These mining companies must stop for continually destroying our habitat and ecosystem.

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