List of Achievements of Duterte Administration in Just 7 Days

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Here are the things that President Duterte has done for the past seven days. This list is based on Jem Birkner’s post in Facebook.
7 days of our new Philippine President and his team:
Day 1- a bill for Federalism was filed. Still in the works but targeted for 2020. Data and feedback collection from provinces already dispersed.

Day 2 - a hotline for corruption complaints against government personnel was installed (8888), soon the national emergency 911 will be in place as well.

Day 3 - EO's for Freedom Of Information and a Task Force for Media Killings were implemented

Day 4 - an EO to streamline developmental goals and DAR opens gates to farmers.

Day 5 - 5 Generals were named as protectors of drug syndicates. And the expose continues. Thousands of kilograms of Meth / Shabu were confiscated.

Day 6 - Generals surrendered to Chief Bato, investigation continues. Thousands of drug users have surrendered for rehabilitation programs.
Talks with VP Robredo on live tv and gives her a cabinet position.

Day 7 - He goes home to Davao in a commercial plane. Talks to the Muslim groups.

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