Lacson wants heinous crimes punishable by death

Senator Panfilo Lacson filed a bill imposing heinous crimes such as rape, treason, human traficking, terrorism to be punishable by death.

Lacson said the time has come to return to Republic Act No. 7659, or the Death Penalty law, in light of the fact that an apparent surge in heinous crimes as of late has indicated life detainment and is no sufficiently more to stop grave offenders.

In Lacson statement inside the bill, he said “Hence, to reinstate public order and the rule of law, there is an impending need to revisit and re-impose the death penalty on certain heinous crimes which as ratiocinated by R.A. 7659 or the Death Penalty Law, ‘is appropriately necessary due to the alarming upsurge of such crimes which has resulted not only in the loss of human lives and wanton destruction of property but also affected the nation’s efforts towards sustainable economic development and prosperity while at the same time has undermined the people's faith in the Government and the latter's ability to maintain peace and order in the country.’”

Lacson enumerate the heinous crimes punishable by death penalty include human trafficking, illegal recruitment, plunder, treason, parricide, infanticide, rape, qualified piracy and bribery, kidnapping and illegal detention, robbery with violence against or intimidation of persons, car theft, destructive arson, terrorism and drug-related cases, among others.

He already submitted the bill and probably discussed this coming July 25.

"Ako naman ma-commit ko, tuloy-tuloy ang hearing na gagawin ko kung sa committee (on public order and illegal drugs ire-refer)," Lacson said.

Lacson said any Filipino who demands war against the Philippines or sticks to her adversaries might be rebuffed by reclusion perpetua to death for conspiracy, and should pay a fine of up to P100,000.

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