Filipinos defend the Philippines against Chinese nationals

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) on  July 12,2016, ruled in favor of the Philippines against China over the unified dispute of West Philippine Sea.

Filipinos everywhere throughout the world were blissful with the triumph for the arbitration decision, while Chinese nationals were crushed with the misfortune. 

The Chinese netizens posted in their social media, Weibo, encouraged to boycott the Philippine products, particularly the notable mango. 

Also, one Chinese national posted on Twitter saying, "we fight for what is ours". Then, some Filipinos defended the Philippines against the bullied netizens.

Chinese nationals posted different memes, which shows their disapproval of the result. The memes have a caption of "If you want to eat mango, buy Thailand's" and "Starve the Filipinos to death".

Also, they have trending hashtag of #SouthChinaSeaResult and #ChinaDoesn'tCareAboutYou. 

China declined to acknowledge the choice of the global court decision. They said it was illogical and simply null and void.

Meanwhile, Filipinos have also coined a hashtag #CHExit –"China" and "Exit" – to voice out their reactions on the favorable ruling.

Filipinos stand for what they know is right and defended the Philippines against the bullied netizens.

Below are some of their conversations:

A photo below shows the slogan meme of Chinese netizens, who wants to boycott Philippine mango.
Photo credit to BBC 

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