Ex-drug pusher divulges to dela Rosa about Colangco group

On Wednesday, a drug peddler before revealed himself and confessed that Herbert Colangco group was his supplier of illegal drugs, according to the GMA news report.

The man hides his identity and asked for help to the TV station to meet PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa.

According to his interview, he said that he get three kilos of illicit medications from a man, who he guaranteed was the right-hand man of Colangco.

Colangco is an inmate in New Bilibid Prison, who lives luxuriously. Also, one of the triad drug lords named by President Duterte.

The man also said that Colangco gets 200 kilograms of illegal drugs in China but doesn't know if it is weekly or monthly.

The man confessed to PNP Director General Dela Rosa what he knows in the operation of the syndicate and he said his willing to cooperate, even naming his co- drug pushers.

He apparently, quit offering drugs four months back. He said his family was debilitated by his previous companions.

"Kesyo pag nakuha daw nila [yung anak ko], pupugutan daw nila ng ulo para lang lumabas ako," ex-drug peddler said.

Additionally, he said the reason why the syndicate was looking for him because he knows many things.

He revealed himself for the fear for his family and said he have a trust to the new administration.

"Wala po akong mapagkatiwalaan. Noon pa ho yan dapat, kaso nga san nga kami magsusumbong. Eh baka pag nagsumbong ho kami 'di na kami makaalis dun."he said.

After the conversation dela Rosa said, "Very valuable information ang shinare niya sa atin."

Dela Rosa promptly requested a few operations directed in light of the data gave.

Dela Rosa asked drug suspects to surrender saying, "kung mahal nyo yung pamilya ninyo,mahal nyo yung asawa at mga anak nyo. Hindi kayo dapat magtago ng forever, e-clear ninyo pangalan ninyo."

Source: GMA News

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