Duterte's next revelation: the name of the politicians and Mayors involved in drugs

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night had a televised press briefing on PTV4. Duterte said he will also name the mayors and politicians involved in the illegal drug trade and trafficking.

Duterte warned the drug lords that he would never let them rule in the country while he's still the president.

“I will not allow these idiots to run their show, not during my watch.”he said.

“Maraming mga mayor dito, they’re running the show,” he added.

Duterte showed to the public a chart with the names of the drug lords. The information comes from the intelligence in different government agencies.

He said there's a lot of mayors involved. Some were from Mindanao and a woman local executive.

“Maraming mga mayor dito, they’re running the show,” he said.

Duterte prompted lawmakers and people required in the illegal drug trade to commit suicide since they were mortifying the government and the people.

“Talagang binabastos tayo ng mga drug people. They’re destroying the country. They’re destroying the youth of the land so my appeal to them is, since they are beyond their redemption, they can stop and commit suicide because I will not allow these idiots to run their show; not during my watch,” he said.

Duterte said that the names of politicians and mayors in the chart is not yet wanted, but they are 'person of interest'. They are still gathering more information of the individuals involved.

"Will they also die? i do not know." Duterte said.

Duterte announced the names of the drug lords as Wu Tuan alias Peter Co, Peter Lim alias Jaguar and Herbert Colangco alias Ampang.

He said Colangco is the son in-law of Ozamiz City Mayor Aldong Parajinog.

Duterte additionally blamed resigned Deputy General Marcelo Garbo for securing drug rulers and traffickers in the nation.

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