Duterte vows free hospital care to all Filipinos

Numerous Filipinos are envisioning that medicinal services will get to be more affordable and accessible in their place.

Mostly, Filipinos don't seek medical attention due to financial instability or lack of health care facilities in the rural areas.

The new President Rodrigo Duterte since the election campaign promised to provide the needs of the people. He said "he will prioritize health in his term by giving free medical services to all, especially to the poor".

On the latest update, Duterte administration will launch the '911 emergency hotline' this August.

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According to President Duterte, he will require every single private healing center to dispense 20 to 30 beds for the poor for free, with government paying for their doctor's facility bills. Just what he did in Davao City while he's still the City Mayor.

Duterte provided free hospitalization in Davao called "LINGAP PARA SA MAHIRAP" and Filipinos was looking forward to implement it in the entire country.

Before Duterte turned into the President of the Philippines, Davaoenos and non-Davaoenos who look for medicinal help are conceded by free social insurance in Southern Philippines Medical Center.

Duterte additionally wants to change over PAGCOR assets to enhance human services in the Philippines.

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