Duterte to govn't employees: live frugally, 'titingnan ko kung ilan ang kotse mo'

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday urged all government employees to live frugally.

During his speech in the 69th Philippine Air Force (PAF) anniversary celebration in Clark, Pampanga. Duterte said there will be a regular lifestyle check under his administration, especially in the Bureau of Customs and Bureau of Internal Revenue.

”You who live with extra frills. Your salary is just per diem because you have other earnings. Well, this time, we have to learn how to live frugally and tone down,” Duterte said.

Duterte earlier said that it's easy to see who the corrupt within the BIR and BOC only through their garage and lifestyle. He also emphasized that corruption has to stop.

”We are used to buying cars for everybody in the family. Well, I’m sorry. Do not do that because I will make sure the lifestyle checks would be all year-round. And I would know from your garage, titingnan ko kung ilan ang kotse mo,”he said.

”Stop! You place yourself in jeopardy of going to prison,” Duterte said.

Duterte believed in the capabilities of BOC Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon and BIR Commissioner Billy Dulay to eliminate fixers in the agency. He also said that he was not worried of dropping of the collection of taxes as long as corruption will stop.

”All the fixers, stop! I hope Faeldon would do this thing. Stop corruption in Customs, and Billy Dulay, I know him. He’s very good, honest. I hope he can deliver. I don’t mind that it will be a lesser income for us. I’m prepared for that,” he said.

It is said some personnel of BIR and BOC were under investigation with questionable lifestyle and at the right time there name will be exposed.

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