Duterte to corrupt BOC and BIR : you will be monitored

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During the 69th Philippine Air Force anniversary on July 5, 2016 in Pangpanga, Duterte warned the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that they must prepared for  a purge of corrupt  employees.

In the same speech, Duterte said "Then we have the corruption in government. Again it has to stop. Decades of corruption"

"Wala na talaga ang tao mapuntahan. Maski ako ‘nong fiscal ako, I want to go to the postal office to get my things there and even my mother, may ipinapadala ‘yung… mag—bayad talaga. Stop! You place yourself in jeopardy of going to prison'' He added

According to rappler "Duterte said he is in the process of validating information about officials or employees in certain agencies, including the BOC."
“I still have to validate it, but I already have the raw information,” he said on Tuesday, July 5. 
Duterte also warned fixers and government employees used to getting payolas or extra money from Filipinos in exchange for faster processing of documents.

"Lahat ‘yang mga fixer fixer, stop! I hope Faeldon would do his thing. Stop corruption sa Customs." Duterte said

Duterte said he is watching out for the BIR.

"Kayong mga BIR, stop because I will make a trail out of you. Lahat ngayon binabantayan." Duterte said 

"I will use technical, if you understand what is technical. Makikinig ako sa’yo. That’s the only way to fight corruption. Illegal din ‘yan. Of course, it is illegal, only when I present the evidence in court. E ‘pag hindi ko presenta ‘yung evidence sa korte, ayaw kitang ipakulong, patayin kita, ‘di tabla rin. Mahirap kasi ‘yung ganon" He added

Duterte wants to impose  "year-round" lifestyle check to enable his administration to spot suspicious increase in wealth. 

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