Duterte to Bilibid drug lords: 'magbilang kayo ng oras, ayoko ng araw'

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday during Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) turnover ceremony warned drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison to hold up not days but rather hours before he starts his crackdown on drug trade.

During his speech, Duterte addressing it to AFP at Camp Aguinaldo.

"Saan ka makakakita na ang trafficking ng drugs ay galing sa Bilibid?" Duterte said. 

"How can it happen na kung mag-inspection ka sa Bilibid you have to ask permission from the idiots inside. Hay naku!" he said.

Duterte promised campaign was to eliminate illegal drugs, heinous crimes and corruption. He emphasized that their days are numbered.

"Magbilang kayo ng oras. Ayoko ng araw," he added.

Duterte initially cautioned drug rulers in Bilibid to sit tight for their days are coming.

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