Duterte: no demolition if there is no relocation for informal settlers

During the dinner in Malacañang with San Beda College of Law alumni on Sunday, President Rodrigo Duterte said that he will not allow demolition of the informal settlers if there is no relocation for them.

“During my time there will be no demolition pag walang relocation, ‘di ako papayag," Duterte said.

“Kasi kung walang mapuntahan, sirain mo ang bahay… ano parang aso? Eh saan pupunta yung mga tao?” he added.

Duterte said the administration will search for appropriate movement zones for poor people. He said they will likewise need to assemble new businesses. 

"I'd look for money, 'yung lahat na gusto nating gamitin. We will go for suitable relocation," he explained.

Duterte said the new industries will help to support for those people affected by the demolition.

"That is why, itong mga bagong papasok (the new ones coming in), we have to build new industries. We have to create an activity, economics, or otherwise para may pupuntahan sila (so they have something to turn to)," Duterte said.

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