Duterte admin pours in projects for farmers and fishermen in Mindoro

Composite photos show farmers and fisherfolk receiving boats and water pumps from government. John Pagaduan

Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol on Sunday posted in his Facebook account was doing the rounds online. 

Pinol shared the good news for the farmers and fishermen in Occidental Mindoro. With the heading of "THE LONG WAIT IS OVER. RODY DUTERTE IS HERE!"

Duterte administration as what they promised gave 10 water pumps, 20 units of pump boats and 10 pregnant buffalos to the people of Mindoro. It's really a huge help for them in order to have a good live.
Please read the full text of Manny Piñol post.

The people of the large and rich island of Mindoro on July 8 were the first witnesses to how fast President Rody Duterte touches the lives of the neglected and the forgotten.
A little over a month after I visited the island in a journey I called "Biyaheng Bukid," I was back with the whole family of the Department of Agriculture to deliver what I promised to them.
During my first visit, campaign volunteers for President Duterte brought me to remote areas of the island where I met farmers and fisherfolk who had long been waiting for government to touch their lives.
In Barangay Yawyawi in Occidental Mindoro, farmers in the village begged for waterpumps to bring water to their Richfield so they could plant twice a year.
On Wednesday, they received 10 water pumps complete with tubes and an additional budget for the drilling of the wells.
The Duterte volunteers also brought me to a fishing community where poor fishermen were renting small fishing boats just to be able to feed their families.
On July 7, they received 20 units of motorized fishing boats complete with fishing gears. Each boat will be co-owned by two families who will have to work as a team.
Five more fishing boats were given to 10 families in Bongabong town in Oriental Mindoro.
In Bansud town, dairy farmers asked for more milking animals and on Wednesday, they received 10 heads of pregnant buffalos.
Tractors long committed to farmers but which were not delivered because the farmers could not produce the required 15% equity were delivered.
I issued the directive that stopped the requirement of the equity being paid upfront. Instead, the farmers will pay the equity by installment spread over four years.
In all of the years that I have served in government, I have always held on to the belief that government is there to help, not to make things difficult for the people.
This too is the core belief of President Duterte.
Nganong palisuran man ang mega tawo? Kung mutabang ta, tabang na Lang gyud," President Duterte would always say.
(Why do we have to make things difficult for our people? If we like to help them, then we should go all out and help them.)
There were so many other items given to the farmers that day but I made it clear to them that they have to take care of the things government gave them.
I even warned them that I would file charges against them if they sold the water pumps, boats or tractors given to them, a reality which I personally saw when I was a local government official.
As the help from government were distributed, I saw smiles and even teary eyes among the farmers.
I asked myself how many more poor farmers and fisherfolk are still out there waiting for the day when President Duterte would be able to touch their lives.
To them, here is my message: Have no fear, Duterte is here! #Changeishere

Just a matter of 10 days as he assumed to the office. Definitely, change is here. What a great blessing to everyone. President Rodrigo Duterte for bringing change and hope to the country. 

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