Duterte to 35 local Mayors "You are under Drug watch list"

President Rodrigo Duterte lashed 32-35 local mayors who, according to him are involved in the illegal drug trade.
On his farewell speech during the regular Monday flag-raising ceremony of Davao City employees, Duterte said that he will not provide mayors the freedom to choose their next local Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief instead, he vows to amend the constitution in order to flex some muscles on some hard headed politicians.
“I will not assign to you a chief of police of your choice. I would even amend that law… they are the ones playing there.”, Duterte said.
He added that he will assign officers that would look into their mayor’s drug activities
According to Republic Act 8551, an act establishing the Philippines National Police under a re-organized Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), the local chief executive has the power to directly influence the employment and deployment of the elements of the PNP via their station commander.
The law also provides the freedom for local mayors to choose among the top five personnel referred by the provincial PNP director.
A week ago, at the Economic Forum in Davao City, the president reiterated that he has zero tolerance on drugs and crime and that he will kill those who would destroy the future of the Filipino youth.
“If you destroy my children, I will kill you,” Duterte declared during an hour-long speech.
“I have zero tolerance on drugs and criminality. I would never preside over the affairs of the country with a corrupt police and [with] drugs abound destroying the lives of Filipinos,” he said.
According to him, if the country doesn’t mind about the problem of drugs and criminality, it would be embroiled in narco politics seven years from now.
32 mayors won the May 9 poll because of drug money, there are also mayors who are backers of drugs, Duterte added.
“Watch out. As long as I’m in government, I will not allow it,” Duterte said.

Police Human Rights Violations
If the police operative encountered criminals, they should ask them to surrender. If he chooses to fight – and if the personnel think his life is in danger, he should kill him first, according to Duterte’s statement last Friday during the turnover of command in the Davao City Police Office (DCPO)
However, Duterte told that he would not help those police personnel whom clearly favors inhumane pursuit towards criminals.
The police should not kill criminals with hands tied otherwise he will not be the only one against them, but also the commission on human rights (CHR).
He also pledge to stand for them “just don’t lie to me”. “You remain loyal to the Constitution and the Republic,” he said.
Earlier he stated that he will not follow CHR Chairman Chito Gascon, who seem not happy about Duterte’s tactics to curve criminality and drugs.
The President added that if a police kill upon his orders the Ombudsman should send the subpoena to Duterte instead

Source: dutertelatestnewsph

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