Dela Rosa: no golf, gambling, moonlighting during office hours

Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa, head of the Philippine National Police (PNP), requested his men, especially commanders and other senior authorities to shun playing golf amid available time.

During the flag- raising ceremony, Dela Rosa cited to his fellowmen to prioritize their duty instead of engaging activities not related to their work.

"From now on, I will prohibit playing golf during office hours. I don’t want to see any policeman playing golf during office hours. Be mad at me if you want but for me, you have to prioritize your duty,” dela Rosa said.

“If I ever heard or see policemen inside any casino or cockfighting places, malilintikan kayo sa akin,” said dela Rosa.

The notice drew cheers and acclaim from the horde of policemen and non military personnel faculty present amid the banner raising function, provoking dela Rosa to joke that they may know some cops liable of his notices.

Now and again previously, some policemen would not answer to obligation to serve as security officer or escort of Very Important Persons (VIPs).

Dela Rosa also warned policemen about moonlighting and said that crime rates rises because policemen intend to rest rather than to work.

“As commanders, we have to account for all of our men. Those who are moonlighting, they should wear their uniform and be deployed on the streets to conduct patrol,” dela Rosa said.

“We are being paid by the government to work and not to moonlight. Let me make this clear: crime rate rises because of lack of policemen on the street and why we are lacking policemen? Because they tend to rest more than work,” he added.

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