De Lima, Drilon fires back SolGen: what is he afraid of?

Senator Leila de Lima and Franklin Drilon on Monday addressed Solicitor General Jose Calida's announcements safeguarding the Philippine National Police and not respecting an arranged test against police-executed killings of drug suspects.

De Lima, who proposed a Senate investigation into the charged extrajudicial killings and she's questioning why Calida react that way if the PNP nothing to hide

"'Yan nga pinagtataka ko. Why is there such a reaction? If they're confident na aboveboard lahat 'yan, na sinusunod ang mga dapat sundin, mga patakaran o batas, lalo ang Saligang Batas, bakit ganyan reaction nila?" De Lima said.

According to Philstar in Calida press briefing, he claimed that the planned probe against extrajudicial killings was not “in aid of legislation” but “in aid of media mileage.” He added that the Office of the Solicitor General would “not allow anybody to derail” the implementation of the president's order to stop the drug menace in the country.

Also, Drilon was alarmed by what Calida said.

"I am alarmed by the remarks made by Calida. His remarks were uncalled for and reek of arrogance, unbecoming of a solicitor general. What is he afraid of?" Drilon said.

"While we laud and support the campaign against illegal drugs of the PNP, the Senate cannot sit idly on allegations of extrajudicial killings that saw a spike in the recent months," Drilon added.

De Lima, who should set document a determination looking for a Senate request on the matter this week, kept up the probe would be in help of enactment and not "of media mileage" as Calida claimed.

"I will not be intimidated. I will still push for my proposal to conduct a Senate inquiry unless majority of my colleagues overrule me," she said

"I'm not an obstructionist. Ang nakikita lang kasi nila, like this issue, alam nila against death penalty and definitely against extrajudicial and summary killings, pero 'di ibig sabihin kokontra na ako sa lahat na magiging hakbang, sa lahat ng plano ng kasalukuyang administrasyon," De Lima said.

Chief Director General Roland Dela Rosa additionally discredited legal harassment against the police constrain and encouraged them not to be "scared" by the dangers of bodies of evidence recorded against them.

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