Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon to kill corrupt BOC Personnel who refuse to reform

Bureau of Customs is one of the most corrupt government agencies in the Philippines and Filipinos no longer trust BOC officials and personnel since everyone is allegedly called as a corrupt government employee.

Recently, Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon warned the corrupt BOC officials and employees to change now while there's still time.

“If I cannot touch them legally, I will have to start ‘shooting’ them one by one,” Faeldon said

Fiaeldon asked the BOC employees to reform themselves and forget the old ways.

Based on Manilatimes "It was off-limits to the members of the media. But a short video of the meeting posted on social media by a television station showed an angry Faeldon warning customs personnel to reform in 15 days and join him in his reform crusade or risk being killed."

“If I have to kill one bureau official every opportunity I get, I will do that if that is the only way you want to reform this bureau. Do you understand me?” Faeldon said during a meeting with 54 customs employees and officials.

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