Communists to Duterte call, join fight against drug syndicates

President Rodrigo Duterte in his speech AFP turnover ceremony, urged communist rebels to kill the drug traffickers and criminals violating the law.

The Communist Party of the Philippines responded to the call of Duterte, they said they will fight drug and criminal syndicates and whoever violates the human rights.

The NPA is prepared to offer fight to the individuals who will oppose capture with outfitted brutality.

"In positive response, the CPP reiterates its standing order for the NPA to carry out operations to disarm and arrest the chieftains of the biggest drug syndicates, as well as other criminal syndicates involved in human rights violations and destruction of the environment. The NPA is ready to give battle to those who will resist arrest with armed violence." CPP said.

"It carries out a cultural revolution among the masses in order to encourage them to reject drug use and instead wage collective struggle," the CPP added.

Duterte said in his speech on Friday, that the NPA may used their 'kangaroo court' to punished the criminals or even kill them.

"Well, nakikinig naman ‘yung mga NPA, nasa pwesto pa naman kayo. Ano kaya ‘yung korte nito, I don’t know if it’s a kangaroo or otherwise, patayin na lang ninyo para mas madali ang masolusyonan ang problema natin," Duterte said.

According to Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza and and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III they initiated peace talks with the National Democratic Front. It will happen on the third week of July in Oslo, Norway.

"Until then, the NPA can continue to carry out select operations in defense of people’s rights and welfare, especially against the biggest criminal syndicates and their nefarious military and police cohorts," CPP said.

After the peace talk, it is expected to have a ceasefire on both camp.

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