Bakeshop promise free cakes for everyone, after Duterte win-- unclaimed cake go to street kids

The promised of free cakes by Quim's bakeshop is now ready to serve. In November 2015 Quim's Cake pronounced that they'll give away cakes worth P5 million if Rodrigo Duterte wins the administration.

A day after the races, with Duterte driving the informally count by a wide edge, bakeshop proprietor Jack Labang reported that the free cakes will be circulated beginning July 1.

Nonetheless, on their first day of giving without end the sweet treats, a couple cuts went unclaimed. Decided not to waste it, Labang imparted the cakes to road kids.

To stay away from long lines and different annoys, Labang formulated a timetable for proficient dispersion. The cakes will be given away every first and fifteenth of consistently (until they come to the P5 million focus) to the initial 50 clients who register through email (

Labang wrote this in Quim's cake page, "Regardless of status or affiliation, everyone must do their share in making things right for our country."

Labang posted a mechanic how to claim the free cake slice, which the costumer should follow their guidelines before claiming it.

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