Baclaran Follows after Duterte-Inspired Divisoria Clean Up

Two days after President Duterte's inauguration, Baclaran follows after Duterte inspired Divisoria clean up. 

The new figure of Divisoria ( a cheaper market for the mass) went viral on social media and it turns to inconceivable to everyone because no could believe that it possible to clean up the place. 

President Rodrigo Duterte used the slogan “Change is Coming”, among others. While this inspired many of his followers to start change within themselves, such was also used by his detractors to laugh at the incredible feats that his supporters are touting – for these detractors believe that such things are just too amazing to become real.

In support of Duterte's plans, it turns out the vendors took upon it themselves to clean the place even there was no mandate from President Duterte for them to do.

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