A photo of President Duterte waits in queue for dinner, praised by netizens

The Facebook page Presidential Communications posted on Sunday showing a photo of President Rodrigo Duterte waiting for his turn in the fellowship dinner at the Heroes Hall of Malacañang Palace.

The photo has 4,210 shares and 518 comments, 7 hours ago since it was uploaded.

Netizens praised the photo of President Duterte, which shows his kindness and humility towards others.

Here are some comments from the netizens that express how amazed they were:

Flor Decena: That Is how he raised his kids. Sara Duterte was lining upnin a long queue in a local hospital cashier, a citizen upon seeing the vice mayor of Davao lining up and she thanked her and said no mam, mag linya lang ako! Humble as her dad!

Ymman Jake Biaco: Pangkaraniwang tao lang din naman siya katulad natin. Hindi siya nakaupo upang sundin siya ng kanyang mga tagasunod, siya rin ay kabilang sa mga sumusunod. Ang disiplina, nagsisimula sa sarili ika nga. :D

Joey Molino Mallorca: Presidente nakapila? Yan ang totoong pag babago. Walang special treatment. Fair treatment ang gusto ng aming Presidente. Presidente ng MASANG Filipino. Mabuhay po kayo! God bless!

Liza De Vera-Preiczer: Duterte is not just an excellent leader who commands respect, he is unquestionably authentic and transparent. He is far from being a hypocrite or pretentious just like many of his political opponents. They are all pathetic copycats!!!

Lonjos Odaroma: Wow! Our president is very humbleTruly God sent him to us to be our leader. Lets always pray for.his health and protection. Not only him but all the new leaders of.our country. Mabuhay ang pilipinas sa bagong mga leader. God bless philippines

Elijah Olarte Licayan: He walks the talk. Leadership by example. Leadership by action.. Hindi Leadership by blame-game...

Lilian Lambino: In heart and in mind the President is a true leader. He is soo humble and living a simple lifestyle.

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