A clean and vendor-free sidewalk in Muntinlupa makes netizen praised Duterte

The story was posted at Du34s / DuterteForce, revealed that President Duterte drove his motorbike to roam around Muntinlupa to check the city's traffic situation.
A clean and vendor-free sidewalk in Muntinlupa make netizens praise Duterte.

According to the facebook post,"President Duterte rode his motorcycle wearing a helmet around Muntinlupa to observe the traffic situation. He noticed that a lot of sidewalk vendors are causing the traffic in the Muntinlupa market area."

Here's the full story:

President Duterte rode his motorcycle with a helmet around Muntinlupa to inspect the traffic situation. He saw that there were a lot of vendors causing the traffic in Muntinlupa market.
So he rode his motorcycle straight to the office of Fresnedi and the guard at the Mayors office didn't allow him to enter because he had his helmet on. When he took off his helmet, all his bodyguards started to surround him and Mayor Fresnedi immediately stepped out of his office to welcome Digong. Digong told Fresnedi he wanted all the vendors out of the streets and inside the market selling area.
And so for the last few days, no traffic and extremely peaceful to walk around the market area.
Change is possible, fast and effective under Duterte!

Here's a photo before President Duterte went to Muntinlupa

After President Duterte visit, Muntinlupa started to clean up the street, and the vendors were transferred to inside the market.

Now, President Duterte has received thousand of praises from netizens.

Here are some reaction of netizens.

Lhonz S. Merino Arissol said, "Job well done mr President thank you soooo muchhh...I'm from muntilupa city...Mabuhay!"

Apostol Nylever said, "So proud. Thanks to have you as our President. Millions of thanks"

Maria Carmel said, "Ang galing ni president! Take care President Duterte. We love love you and God Bless you always!"

Trifona Mamaradlo said, "Kaya pala malinis na ang mga sidewalk. Sana laging ganito saan mang panig ng pinas."

However, the TV networks said the photo was a hoax and Duterte never really visited Muntinlupa.

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Whether the viral photo is true or not, the important thing is that the local government did something good to address the city traffic congestion in the area.

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