Yellow media now putting the blame to Duterte

Netizens lambasted the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper on how they delivered the headlines. As if the title was pointing out that President-elect Rodrigo Duterte was one's to blame for beheading the Canadian captive, Robert Hall.

The Abu Sayyaf beheaded Hall after the deadline imposed yesterday at 3pm. The military confirmed it early Tuesday morning.

Showbiz Government, a page in Facebook, made a meme reminding that the President and the Commander in- chief was still Noynoy Aquino until June 30 and the yellow media appeared that it is Duterte's fault.  They put a caption, saying:

      Photos courtesy of showbiz Goverment

"BEFORE: Blame Gloria. NOW: Blame Duterte. That is the style of Noynoy Aquino. That will be the style of Leni Robredo. Thanks to yellow media."

Read below some of the reactions and sentiments of the netizens regarding the misleading title of the Inquirer.

"Inquirer is a better substitute for tissue paper or toilet paper. It is more durable and won't be ripped or torn apart easily when putting more pressure in cleaning one's ass hole! I think that is its best use today! Sa tagalog "ok na pamunas ng puwit" hehe!" 
- Rommel Pangan

"What the heck? Palpak talaga ng media, kahit ano pong gawin nyo, hindi pa counted lahat ng news nyo para sa paninira sa bagong administration...dahil sa July 1, 2016 palang mag start bagong administration, at pag nag start na sila....give them years para makita kong ano ng nangyari sa pamumuno nila, lalo kong ang issue ay infrastructures, about cleaning the facilities and diciplines give them 6 months to 1 year. Abduction and kidnaping, si abnoy aquino pa ang president." 
-Mary Ann Yumul

"Yellow media is still on the payroll till June 30,2016. Expect more biases, more misleading statements. 16 days na lang po. Meantime, let's continue to be discerning citizens."
-Bre M Singson

"Calling all citizen of this country and Filipinos who voted Duterte and Marcos to be vigilant at bantayan ang mga yellow media. They are involved in conspiring to take down the Duterte administration...Let's pray for peace in the Philippines."
-Rolly Galvez

"Oh again inquirer is making there love of twisting story!!! Corrupting the hearts, minds, and souls of the pilipino people!!! Only idiot reader will be a dupped of this media circus!!!"
-Josef Stalen

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