Watch! Duterte's camp isn't worried about "Moderate" trust rating

                          this photo courtesy of TV5

Davao City - The spokesperson of President Elect Rodrigo Duterte isn't worried about moderate trusting rating, the survey did not reflect victory landslide during the election.

according to philstar

“How can that happen when he (Duterte) got an overwhelming mandate? He has yet to assume office and then he got (a net trust rating of positive) 26? It seems unbelievable,” Panelo said in a chance interview here.  
Panelo said it is possible that the respondents in the SWS survey were supporters of Duterte’s rivals.
“Naturally, if you ask the non-supporters, that’s the rating you will get,” he said.
“The reality on the ground is he is going to win by a landslide. That’s what happened so I don’t believe in surveys that much.”

Watch this report of TV5

Duterte's won by landslide with more than 16.6 million votes and now he got "MODERATE" trust rating? what do you say about this survey?

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