Viral Video: LKP Exposed 2016 Election Fraud

Recently, there's this video uploaded in youtube which caught the attentions of netizens. The videos was about the expose of the 2016 Election fraud by a secret group called Lupon Kontra Pandaraya (LKP).

The said video was uploaded by Yhen Vaje. Showing a man hiding his identity narrating the massive electoral fraud. The whistleblower drop the names of people involved in this alleged election fraud and showed some diagrams of how the fraud goes.

The videos has a caption says:

“#WhistleBlower an insider of the massive electoral fraud of #PiliPinas2016 #Elections2016 exposes the Grand Mafioso Plan to fool the #Filipinos. We urge an investigation for #FailureOfElections2016! -Lupon Kontra Pandaraya LKP”

See the videos below for more reference:

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