The government lost 73 billion a year after PNoy sell 6 international airport

There's a viral post doing the rounds in the the Facebook, where the outgoing President Benigno Aquino III slammed for selling our airports to the private owners.

According to Elgin Castillo Lazaro III, a netizen who posted. Lazaro posted a meme containing an estimated figure of the revenue of the international airports generate annually before President Aquino privatized them to business sectors.The post has already reached 4,062 shares and counting.

Lazaro also referring to Henry E. Samonte post. Samonte said that our six (6) International airports has been privatized by President Aquino to his cronies. In which he named them, Henry Sy, Aboitiz, Ayala, and Lucio Tan consortium.

Samonte also stated that in the passengers only, they earned P73.3 billion pesos in 2014. He cited that we taxpayers are paying for operations and maintenance of our international airport, but the profit goes to the cronies of President Aquino.

Moreover, Lazado in his meme, made use of the 2014 NAIA passenger data with overall 30,932,993 passengers. Explaining how did it come up the P73.3 billion pesos in a year. 

The Philippine travel tax is P1,620 and we passengers are obliged to pay the terminal fee cost P750. By adding 1,620 and 750, it come up with P2,370. With this, we can figure out that each passengers will pay P2,370.

Come to think of it, passengers pay for the operation and maintenance but the profit goes all to the cronies of President Aquino with the total revenue of P73,311,193,140.

Samonte said that there seems wrong in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) of President Aquino.

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