'Talk or fight' says Duterte to Abu Sayyaf bandits

The tough-talking President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said in his Thanksgiving speech in Cebu that he does not want to fight with Abu Sayyaf group and wished to talk to them.

Aside from the involvement of Abu Sayyaf bandits in kidnappings, Duterte still resume the peace talks before considering them as an enemy.

“Abu Sayyaf, hindi ko sila kalaban. I know that is connected with the issue of Mindanao. Nais ko lang linawin, sila ba? Are they willing to talk or just fight it out?" Duterte said.

Duterte said although it's easy for him to buy equipment but it is also painful to him to kill a fellow Filipino.

“But I hate to buy rifles and bullets, cannons and bombs to kill a Filipino. I could hardly move my finger to sign a document buying things just to kill my fellowmen. Masakit. Masakit sa loob,” he said.

Duterte said that he already talk to the communist rebels and hoping he might be succeed.

Also, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Sunday confirmed that the ASG bandits kidnapped 7 Indonesian sailors in the Sulu Sea last June 22.

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