Public Apology of a netizen who posted death threat against Duterte

A viral post in social media has been circulating now online because his threatening to kill President- elect Rodrigo Duterte.

President- elect Duterte 'catcalling issue' to GMA reporter Mariz Umali  had goes viral recently.

Many netizens caught their attentions to the tweeter comment of Joseph Robert B. Lu. This is pertaining to the catcalling incident of a news reporter.

As Joseph Lu quoted in his post saying, "President-elect is stupid and arrogant! Don't worry mam, i will try to kill him, anyway."

After his viral comment, supporters of Incoming President Duterte reacted to the death threat. Some said he should be punished under the law for threatening the President. 

Later on, Joseph Lu made an public apology to all people affected in his comment. He said he was just carried away by his emotions. 

Here's the video of Public apology of Mr. Joseph Roberto Lu

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