President- elect Duterte: whistling is not a sexual thing

In a late press conference at the presidential guest house in Davao, Duterte said whistling doesn't mean that it's a sexual move. It means he wants to catch the attention of a person or he just wants to joke with a man.

Recently, during Duterte's press conference on Tuesday night, when GMA reporter Mariz Umali asked questions to President Duterte. Duterte leered at the reporter, whistled and serenaded her on live television. Some finds it rude. But Duterte said he does not have any sexual undertones by whistling. 

Raffy Tima, Umali’s husband, called out Duterte on Facebook to point out that catcalling his wife is “wrong in so many levels.”

On the other hand, Duterte asked by a female reporter regarding the catcalled, he says "I was exasperated by the question. Whistling is not a sexual thing,”

He added, "she should not assume that she is the subject of a man’s catcalling".

“You can’t stop me, that’s my freedom of expression. Unless you go overboard and start harassing the woman,” Duterte said.

Davao city under Duterte’s leadership in 1997 passed an ordinance called Women Development Code, which aims to legislate gender sensitivity toward women.

Duterte was asked about his possible violation of the ordinance. But he just brushed aside the question.

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