President elect Duterte ranked the most Popular President in the world

President elect Rodrigo Duterte is among the longest-serving mayor in the Philippines. He served more than 22 years being Mayor in Davao City, a Vice mayor and a congressman as well.

During his campaign, Duterte has many controversial statements. He said that he would massacre criminals and drug- users, joking about the rape of an Australian missionary and lastly, he said would dissolve congress.

Lot of Filipinos hunger for change that's why they still choose Duterte. He's one among rare politician who walk the talk. President-elect Duterte got 16.6 million votes during election day.

Duterte wants to eradicate illegal drugs and criminality for 3-6 months. He wanted also to have a clean government and free from corruption.

Now, tough-talking President-elect Duterte is even famous in other countries and ranked the most Popular President in the world.

Check it out this video guys.

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