President Duterte dares the media to boycott him

President elect Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night press conference dared the media to boycott covering him as the next president.

Duterte answered in his late press conference regarding the about the statement of Reporters Without Borders regarding the boycott, he said the media should take note of that.

"I will not stop. I can spend the whole six years of my presidency exposing you and attacking you... Boycott? Good if you disappear... I don't care if no one covers me... Make this trip your last in Davao". Duterte said.

He said the media “thinks of themselves too much” and deems their profession of “purity” even though it is riddled with corruption.

Asked about the statement of Reporters Without Borders, Duterte said the media should heed the dare.

“Magboycott kayo! Make it the first time in this country. Do not cover me!” Duterte said.
“Pu*** ina sinabi ko mga ugok, pu*** ina I can lose the presidency, my life, my honor. Just don’t fu** with me. Huwag niyo na akong takutin. Boycott, boycott, leche kayo, edi mag-boycott kayo!” Duterte added.

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