Police official captured by NPA, Duterte refused to help

Photo credit to mb.com.ph

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said in his press conference last Thursday night refused to rescue the police officer (hepe) who was taken by the New People's Army when they attack one of the police station in Davao region.

According to Duterte, NPA confirmed that the captive police official Chief Inspector Arnold Ongachen allegedly found an illegal drugs.

Duterte stated the the leader of NPA wouldn't lied to him and he was leaving the fate of the anomalous police to them.
“He would not lie to me,” Duterte told reporters in a press conference.

Duterte said that during his conversation with the communist leader, he was asked what to do with the police, he told him,"What will you do? You have a kangaroo court.... Sentence him to 20 years of hard labor," 

"I said I'd be harsh. I'm sorry for that guy," he added.

New People's Army raid the General Generoso in Davao Oriental and captured Chief Inspector Arnold Ongachen and 2 more policemen.

He said the NPA raided the police station because of the numerous complaints of the residents in the area that the police are involved in illegal drug trade.

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